We help you write your CNC success story

Marco Fiorido's mission is to find the best process to manufacture your workpiece with CNC machining in the most efficient, fast, reliable and cost-effective way.

He supports his clients with
  • successful
  • profitable
  • creative
  • effective
  • ingenious
  • innovative
  • reliable
  • optimal
solutions to manufacturing challenges.

Roots in technical knowledge

Marco was born in a family with a burning passion for mechanics and with a cunning spirit of finding innovative solutions in the industry, his father was in R&D for an at the time cutting-edge Italian company developing special machine tools, and his older brother ended up working on the international stage at one of the most successful American CNC distributors. This stimulating environment has inspired Marco to pursue his own carrier into CNC world.

Today, Marco Fiorido has more than 20 years of holistic experience in the field of CNC manufacturing ranging from being a skilled technician, a competent product manager, to now, leading his own flourishing company.

Marco Fiorido S.R.L. is a CNC machine distributor and a provider of services to mechanical shops such as turn-key solutions, workpiece feasibility study, cycle programming and optimization as well as CNC education and courses.

Problem Solving

Thanks to Marco's pragmatism you can stay assured that things are going to get done.

He embodies the characteristic Italian creativity, savoir-faire and outside-of-the-box thinking: valuable skills when you are in need of a solution to be delivered now!

Focused on customer needs

Marco knows his way around in the CNC industry. As a CNC machines distributor, he connects the customer with the right CNC companies which products are the best solutions for the client workpiece challenges: he is the ideal link between demand and supply.

He can recognize a great CNC product and knows exactly what a client wants.

This special and hard to find combination of technical and nitty gritty mechanical know-how, creativity in finding industry-leading and innovative solution to workpiece machining, prominent skills in commercial value considerations combined with awareness and as in-depth knowledge of competition packaged in a lean and reactive company is what separates Marco Fiorido S.R.L. from other players in the space.

Marco's clients and partners are granteed a top-notch professional service that provides real value and doesn’t waste your precious and valuable time.